5 Tips for a Successful Contact Center QBR. 5: Practice the Presentation

This week’s Best Practices series, 5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR (Quarterly Business Review), today provides its final tip, 5: Practice the Presentation. Thursday’s Tip 4 was: Map Your Strategy.

5. Practice the Presentation.

Don’t just tell the story. It has to be delivered with confidence and authority.

  • Use the right format. Using dynamic and colorful charts, graphs and photos adds value to the presentation by bringing it to life.
  • Generate effective commentary. Challenge that each bullet is clear and has the right meaning. It should be succinct, clean and effective.
  • Executive highlights. Incorporate valuable high-level detail that presents a complete picture to any stakeholders who may not have had the document delivered in person.
  • Invite feedback. Make sure to build in time that allows the client to initiate dialogue on any component or section.
  • Be respectful of time. Schedule the appropriate amount of time to deliver the message. Set the schedule for the next review before leaving the meeting.


When completed, a successful Quarterly Business Review should present the client with a low effort, high information view of business that delivers controls. When it’s delivered in a skilled way, with confidence and authority, it can confirm the partnership, create transparency and provide the confidence for planning in future quarters.

See our next blog for 5 Tips for Structuring the Contact Center QBR in full.


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