5 tips to support your brand via social media. Tip 3: Create processes

So far in our blog series on social media monitoring in the call center, we focused on Tip 1 – Listening to your customers on social media, and Tip 2 – Responding quickly. Tip 3, which follows, is to create processes that will guide Brand Specialists on when and how to respond to customers on social media.

Tip 3. Create processes specific to management of customer service on social media.

  • Create a process that outlines the types of comments that you will:
    • Respond to publicly
    • Take offline with a direct message to respond within an alternate channel
    • Escalate
    • Determine require no intervention
  • Provide a flow-chart-based reference guide that clearly shows Brand Specialists how to process each type of post.

See Tip 4 in tomorrow’s blog.