6 Elements of luxury customer care

A luxury brand needs its call center to deliver a luxury level of customer service. Why? Because the interaction your prospects and customers have over the phone (or via email, chat, or even social media) with your call center representative affects their opinion of your brand and their willingness to buy your products, become a loyal customer, and recommend you to others. But what are the elements of a luxury level of call center service?

Elements in a program of luxury customer care may include:

Luxury customer care
6 elements of luxury customer care
  • Extensive training—This may extend to in-person training for agents delivered by your product managers or marketing managers, experience with your products, visits to brick-and-mortar stores, visits to company headquarters, seasonal re-training on new collections, and more.
  • Incentives—To motivate agents, you may collaborate with call center management to put in place a program of incentives to reward agents for sales, scores on QA tests, percentage of first-call resolution, or other metrics.
  • Appointment setting—Agents may make appointments with prospects to visit your stores, then follow-up with confirmations and reminders in an effort to maximize your “show rate”. They may also call prospects after the store visit to assess their level of satisfaction and pass that information on to you so you can refine your in-store practices.
  • Warm transfers and escalations—Agents on the phone with customers ready to take the next step in the sales process can connect customers with your on-staff product experts or store representatives to advance the process.
  • Knowledgebase—The CRM system within the call center needs to support agents with a knowledgebase that contains answers to FAQs, in-depth product information, proven solutions to common issues and more.
  • Case management—Another element of infrastructure support, a case management capability in your CRM system enables an agent to immediately look up the status of an ongoing issue or sales history for a specific customer and provide better service faster.

Working with your call center to ensure agents can deliver a luxury level of service can reinforce your brand image, grow sales and create loyal customers. If you’re serious about being a luxury brand, it’s really the only way to go.

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