Being Memorable Makes A Difference

Great experiences are emotional experiences and emotional experiences are memorable. And, often times, the memory of an experience is more important than the experience itself! At Global Response, we make it our mission to craft memorable customer experiences. People may not always remember the transactional details, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

Making memories, especially a high quality memory, isn’t always easy, so here are Global Response’s top 10 tips to developing a customer experience your client is unlikely to forget:

1. Listen to your customer. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn!

2. Uncover the customer’s passion. Understand what motivates them. Customers won’t talk about procedures, but they love to share their experiences.

3. Be a customer. Brand Specialists do not have to be purchasers, but they must be able to walk in a customer’s shoes. Make every effort to let your team members experience the brand, its products, and services.

4. Identify your best people. Dissect what makes them great and replicate their performance throughout your organization.

5. Allow the WOW! Empower your team with the tools that drive the confidence to resolve any customer issue.

6. Find your Why. Every employee has a role in the customer experience, from the backline to the frontline, and they should be able to explain what it is.  Network and communicate with all touchpoints of the customer experience.

7. Reward the right behavior. Employees who build memorable experiences with customers deserve to be celebrated. Build a toolbox of gift cards, coupons. and tokens of appreciation that can be used on-the-spot or in more formal ceremonies.

8. Make it personal. Create opportunities to add personal touches like writing letters and thank you cards. Your team should always feel as though they are on the customer’s side.

9. Break the mold. Step outside traditional training methods and internalize the brand’s culture – create an exchange program between the store and the contact center or take the team on a field trip to experience the brand at corporate headquarters.

10. Immerse in the experience. Surround yourselves and your work environment with the brand images that appeal to your customers and speak the brand. Practice what you preach.

At Global Response, we call our team members Brand Specialists because they are expected to deliver on the brand promise during every interaction. Brand Specialists do not just process transactions, they create memories.

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