Create the Best NPS Questions to Implement Net Promoter Score

As you implement Net Promoter Score in your business, the questions on your survey require time and thought to design.

Step 2 of our Best Practices blog this week, below, gives you food for thought as you create the best NPS questions for your business.

Monday’s blog focused on Step 1,  Seek Commitment.

Step 2. Create a survey of the best NPS questions

  • Include the NPS question: On a 0-10 scale, how likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a colleague, family member or friend?
  • Determine whether NPS will be transactional or relationship based. Decide how and when to deliver the survey, and to whom.
    • Transactional surveys usually immediately follow the customer’s transaction.
    • Relationship NPS may be taken periodically – annually or quarterly, for instance – to measure the customer’s relationship with the company. It’s almost a proxy for organizational goodwill beyond the transactional element.
  • Devise secondary questions, which should provide additional context for the NPS and which may include the following.
    • What about your experience did you enjoy or not enjoy?
    • Did the Brand Specialist resolve your transaction in one contact?
    • What would you suggest as an improvement in the experience you had?

See Wednesday’s blog for Step 3.

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