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6 Ways BPO Consulting Can Help Propel Your Business Forward

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Want to grow your business sustainably and propel your business forward? Of course, every business owner wants to grow their business—but too many business owners make the mistake of thinking that doing everything internally is the most effective way to grow while maintaining quality. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, BPO consulting is a key way to add scalability to your business and grow your business quickly. BPO refers to business process outsourcing and can take a wide variety of forms. At its core, BPO consultants will help audit your processes and existing systems in order to improve efficiency, productivity and operations. For example, a common BPO function is managing a contact center and customer service needs. By outsourcing your contact center, you can offer more services, increased accessibility, higher quality support and more for your customers. But customer service isn’t the only function of BPO that supports business growth. BPO can also support:
  • streamlining processes and procedures for increased productivity and efficiency
  • increasing data analysis to make business decisions for growth and expansion
  • improving customer experiences and increased customer data to provide for customer needs and desires
  • reducing costs and operational expenses, while still being able to improve sales and customer growth
With over 40 years of experience in BPO consulting, our team is here to give you a shortlist of how BPO consulting can help support your business growth.

The Role of BPO Consultants in Business Growth

Whether you use BPO consulting for customer service, data entry or analysis, database updates, customer management or something else, there’s so many benefits to using a BPO service to support your growth. How exactly can BPO consultants drive business growth for your company? Here are six key things we’ve achieved with our own BPO services.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of business process outsourcing is increasing productivity gains and operational efficiency. Not only do these impact your business growth indirectly—i.e. more productivity leads to greater output and more results—they also have a direct impact on business growth by reducing the cost of operational output. Increased operational efficiency has other roles to play in growth, too. For example:
  • effective data and document processing ensures accurate data and increased quality of data metrics and results, leading to clearer objectives and outcomes
  • integrated data processing ensures that customers have a more seamless experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher retention and loyalty
  • streamlined operations means fewer errors and pieces slipping through the cracks, leading to higher quality output
  • improved efficiency and organization means your team can do more with less, allowing you to grow and scale operations cost-effectively
An experienced BPO team will be able to audit your existing processes and operations and use best practices from the BPO industry to enhance operational efficiency and move your business forward faster.

Facilitating Cost Savings

Speaking of increased efficiency, business process outsourcing also provides cost savings in many cases, allowing you to grow your business faster through more efficient, scalable processes. That is: the more cost-effective your business is to run, the easier and faster you can scale and grow it. For example, using a BPO contact center is one of the most effective ways to reduce operational costs. Consider the costs of running your contact center or managing customer service in-house compared to using an outsourced contact center:
In-house customer service Outsourced BPO contact center
Employee salaries and benefits Per-hour or per-minute agent costs
Hiring and training costs For some, setup fees or other startup costs
Management salaries, benefits and HR costs
Office equipment and office space
Digital equipment such as software and telephony systems

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While in-house management creates significant overhead costs, these costs are subsumed when you outsource, allowing you to save on overhead while only paying for what you really need. Other BPO outsourcing creates similar cost-savings—rather than paying for full-time, in-house employees, outsourcing to an experienced team can give you the resources you need at a cost-effective rate.

Providing Access to Specialized Expertise

Another major benefit to BPO is accessing specialized expertise that may be difficult or expensive to hire for internally. With business process outsourcing, you can hire for the skills and expertise you need, when you need them.

For many specializations, you don’t really need a full-time hire! Someone to set up a process, a strategy or implement existing recommendations is enough. BPO allows you to access more expertise without growing a large internal team.

Similarly: when you work with a BPO provider, you often get access to a wider variety of specialization and expertise for a fraction of the cost, by virtue of working with an already-established outsourcing team. While such a team would take months, if not years, to hire and train in-house, you can be up and running nearly instantly when outsourcing.

Enabling Business Scalability

If you’re looking to grow your business, ensuring that your business is scalable is essential. After all, without scalability, you don’t really have functional or sustainable growth options.

BPO consulting enables you to scale faster and provides more flexibility in terms of when, how, and how much you scale. In addition, you can scale certain parts of your business faster than others, or scale up and then back as demand indicates—in short, almost effortless flexibility. This makes your labor more cost-effective overall as well, since you won’t be paying for full-time employees who aren’t critical.

BPO also allows you to scale faster by quickly hiring who you need and handing over projects as needed to scale up efforts efficiently. No need to put that project on the backburner—outsource it to your BPO team and keep your team and your business growing.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Many people think outsourcing has a bad reputation—and if you outsource to the wrong places, it can be a big problem. But if you choose a reputable team to partner with, it actually becomes easier to ensure regulatory compliance.

For one thing, you have an entire team managing compliance and quality assurance, not just a few managers on your internal staff. In addition, BPO consultants generally have strict best practices to maintain compliance for all of their clients, which can mean increased security and privacy for your business and your client data.

For example, at Global Response, we use state-of-the-art technology—combined with 40+ years of experience—to ensure data privacy, security and compliance. Our detailed data protection and encryption processes mean that your customer data is secured with multi-layer protection, ensuring safeguards against vulnerabilities. We also regularly monitor agent adherence to PCI compliance and evaluate our processes to ensure best practices are continually being updated.

With the right provider on your side, you don’t even have to think about compliance processes. And with less time focusing on data privacy and security, you can free up time to focus on your business growth.

Improve Brand Reputation

Finally, BPO consulting can help improve your brand reputation. For example, call center or contact center outsourcing is a common business process to outsource—and outsourcing your contact center to a skilled partner can bring loads of value to your business. Through the right agents and improved services and processes, you can improve your brand reputation, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals as a result.

At Global Response, we take a special focus on your brand, training our agents to become your brand specialists. One of our biggest goals is to feel like an extension of your own team and brand—both to your internal team and to your customers. Through our processes and training for creating brand specialists, we support our clients in sustaining and improving brand reputations, even for luxury, high-touch brands. 

Deep Dive: How BPO Consulting Propels Business Forward

For an example of what this all looks like in real life, let’s look at an example from one of our own clients here at Global Response.

We worked with FILA—a well-known athletic clothing brand—to revitalize their customer service through BPO consulting, process optimizations and call center support. When we started working with them, there were a number of problems, all resulting in an overall loss of online sales due to poor customer service from their previous team. Not only did they have a large backlog of open customer cases, but there were numerous customer complaints of poor service, a lack of trust, and no best practices in place from the previous team.

Our team at Global Response came in and performed a full assessment of the current situation and processes, and then went to work right away increasing transparency and implementing our best practices to boost performance, reduce backlog (within just weeks!), and improve customer satisfaction.

Hear it from our client themselves:

“Our previous contact center team almost effectively put us out of business. Now we are seeing an increase in existing and repeat customer business…with people who are super engaged and really work with us. Online business has been up 25% this past year.”

  • Dawn Trenson, FILA VP of E-Commerce in North America

Conclusion: The Strategic Advantage of BPO Consulting

Is BPO consulting the right move for your brand? Business process outsourcing might be a strategic next step for your brand if:

  • you need support scaling your team up quickly, or for targeted, one-time projects, such as setting up processes or eliminating backlogs
  • you need more coverage with your call center or social media monitoring
  • you want to offer expanded coverage or services for your customers, such as omnichannel or 24/7 support
  • you want to improve processes and workflows to increase productivity and efficiency
  • you need more cost-effective ways to manage your workflow and grow your business
  • you’re trying to improve brand reputation, retention or customer satisfaction

In any of these cases, BPO consulting can help provide the necessary support to scale your business, increase revenue and retain more customers.

Want a BPO partner you can trust from Day 1? Get in touch with a consultant from Global Response today. We have decades of experience working with clients from a variety of industries—and we can get results for your business too.


BPO consulting is when a company brings in an external consultant to help assess, manage, improve and execute on business processes. While this is a broad definition, there are many areas where a BPO consultant can work or provide value, from managing customer service or a contact center to improving or managing hiring, data entry, technological upgrades and more.
BPO consulting allows companies to improve productivity, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. Through outside support, knowledge and expertise, you can make better decisions to support business growth, and make use of increased flexibility and scalability to implement decisions more quickly.
A BPO consultant can perform many tasks or functions, depending on the needs of your business. BPO consultants will often provide an audit of existing processes or functions to make recommendations and implement more efficient and effective business processes.
In choosing a BPO consultant, you’ll want to carefully vet potential providers for quality, flexibility and expertise. A good BPO provider needs to have expertise in your industry as well as the services you need most. In addition, good communication and high-quality results for other clients are a must to demonstrate the possibilities of a positive working relationship.

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