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Call Center Stereotypes and How We’re Different

Since the very beginning, call centers have been subject to a variety of stereotypes. The truth is, since not many people have the opportunity to see how a call center actually operates, most of these stereotypes are either antiquated or completely untrue. While it may be true that some call centers are resistant to change, Global Response is the opposite.

Any company that has had a less than enjoyable experience when partnering with a call center knows how frustrating the process can be. Luckily, Global Response is vastly different from many other call centers. This is due to the fact that we operate on different terms which create a positive, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Let’s address some of the call center stereotypes and how we’re different.

  • Call center employees work at a thankless, unfulfilling job

At Global Response, the difference in our service starts with our employees. The working relationship with each client is viewed as a partnership. Our employees are referred to as “Brand Specialists,” and not as “call center agents” like with most call centers. The latter denotes a much less personal position. We make sure to focus on the fact that our Brand Specialists are not simply a customer service representative of Global Response. They are essentially working for a brand through Global Response. Each Brand Specialist is properly vetted and matched with a client, ensuring that each will have the highest knowledge and the ability to focus on one brand experience.

Employees view their position at Global Response as a career, not a job. In developing a strong company culture, Global Response has focused largely on emphasizing the importance of the team members. Proper time is taken to train and integrate a Brand Specialist into the culture of the brand they are representing. Because of this, Brand Specialists take pride in their work. There are opportunities for advancement and employee incentives to engage and motivate all team members. At Global Response, employees are not just a body in a seat but are part of a team representing a brand. This is the difference between creating a career path vs just collecting a paycheck.

  • The customer service experience is impersonal with a call center

The onboarding process with Global Response is one that is taken very seriously. This is the opportunity to learn about each client, gathering all necessary information to help fully understand the company’s mission and goals. This is done through a series of either in-person or virtual onboarding meetings. When it comes to onboarding new clients, Global Response takes careful care and consideration to include the most important aspects of the partnership to ensure success.

The information collected during the onboarding process is vital not only to create a successful customer service plan but also for selecting the Brand Specialists for each client. Making the right selection when it comes to the people that will represent a brand or company is a decision that is not taken lightly. When assigning a Brand Specialist to a client, all of the company’s goals and needs are considered to make sure the assignment will be as successful as possible. 

  • Companies have to choose from cookie-cutter service plans

This is not the case with Global Response. In fact, the solutions we provide are all flexible, adaptable, and customizable. We offer a range of services for companies of any size that complement their customer service needs, as well as their budget. Global Response prides itself on the ability to create customer service plans that easily integrate into a clients existing interface and are fully adaptable. All of the services available can be tailored to your liking, making them as efficient as possible. Global Response has worked hard to create a system that benefits all clients and allows them to develop the customer service plan that is best for their business, instead of trying to fit into a predetermined plan that may be less than ideal.

Choosing to outsource your customer service needs to a call center does not have to be a headache. The frustration and concerns that businesses have encountered with other call centers have all been addressed in the way Global Response operates. With the company culture, incentives and training, and fully-customizable options for clients, the common call center stereotypes are a thing of the past. 

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