Select Candidates to Conducting Panel Interviews

You have reached the last step of the process of conducting panel interviews in the contact center – the Best Practices blog we’ve published throughout this week.

In Step 4, the blog discussed points of conducting the interview.

In Step 5, which follows,  it is time to discuss and select candidates.

Step 5. Select Candidates to panel interview questions

  • Interviewers should meet to discuss selections and placement of the candidates.
  • Here are some of the questions that we discuss when placing candidates:
    • Are there certain candidates that fit perfectly in certain areas of your business?
    • Is there any candidate who stands out from the rest?
    • How will each candidate fit in with the company culture?
    • How are the communication skills of each of the candidates?
    • What is the participation level of each of the candidates?
    • Did the candidates listen to the interviewers and other candidates as they spoke?

Panel or group interviews can give contact center managers another tool to supplement their accounts with exceptional Brand Specialists.

They give interviewers the opportunity to see candidates functioning in a group or team setting, which is the likely environment for their work.

These are the steps for the framework of panel interview best practices.

For all 5 Steps of Conducting Panel Interviews, see our blog tomorrow.

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