Callback: Smoothing the ebb and flow

The peaks and valleys of call volume roll through a contact center like waves on the beach. They are a given, day in and day out. We are always on the lookout for tools that will help keep those swells gentle and level, such as Courtesy Callback.

Courtesy Callback gives the customer the option to get a return call rather than wait in queue for a Brand Specialist’s assistance. Shifting those calls to a time when call volume is at a lower level helps to smooth out the high/low pattern, reducing the queue and keeping customers happy. Courtesy Callback, which is what Cisco calls its system, is a win-win for customers as well as the call center.

Giving customers a choice

For some customers, the callback offer is welcome.  It allows them to attend to other demands instead of waiting in queue on the phone. Even those customers who are just as happy to wait in queue appreciate having the choice.

How does it work? While the customer is in queue, an announcement tells them their expected wait time and asks if they would prefer to be called back. The customer presses a key on their phone to accept or decline the offer. Those who accept are asked for the number at which they’d like to be called back. It’s that simple. They can go about other business until the callback comes.

Courtesy Callback criteria

Callback systems give the call center options, too. The brand sets criteria for the callback, such as which customers are offered callback, estimated wait time before the offer and threshold for the time in which the customer will receive the callback.

Whatever criteria the brand chooses, Courtesy Callback is another opportunity to create happy customers – to give them a calmer, more peaceful day at the beach.

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