Customer Service Week 2018: Excellence Happens Here at Global Response

The theme of Customer Service Week this year – which runs from Oct. 1 through 5 – is “Excellence Happens Here.” It celebrates the point where customer and service professionals meet, says the Customer Service Group, which sponsors the week each year.  “Where service happens, excellence happens,” according to the csweek.com website.

Excellence Happens Here at Global Response during Customer Service Week and every day of the year. Brand Specialists in our contact centers are all about creating memorable experiences for the customers with whom they interact – low-effort, rewarding experiences.  They may communicate with the customer in any number of ways – phone, chat, email, social media – but their goal is the same.

What is Excellent Customer Service to you?

“Excellent Customer Service is simple: Consistently execute on the customer’s expectation, occasionally exceed, and never miss,” says one Global Response authority.

Walk through our contact center asking the question, “What is Excellent Customer Service,” and you will hear elements that support that definition:

Speaking to the customer with a great attitude, satisfying their request and bringing the extra Wow … First-Call Resolution … Making the customer feel appreciated … Thorough job and product knowledge … Personalization – using the customer’s name … Exceeding your customer’s expectations … Giving your customer white glove service … Great empathy and rapport … Going above and beyond the customer’s expectations.

This week, during Customer Service Week, we say a special Thank You to our Brand Specialists and associates for their dedication to providing Excellent Customer Service every week of the year. We applaud you for the superb customer care that you provide.

Join the Celebration

We hope you’ll celebrate this week and join in some of the fun:

  • Tuesday Teamwork: Celebrate the team and wear Global Response colors (pink, blue, green, purple, orange or red).
  • Wacky Wednesday: We’re crazy about Customer Service Week – wear mismatched outfits.
  • Throwback Thursday: We’re proud of our history – wear a vintage outfit from your favorite decade.
  • Friendship Friday: It’s twin day – pair up with your coworkers and join us for a sweet treat.

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