Determine Number of Chats for The Best Winning Chat Program

The task of how to determine the number of chats a contact center Brand Specialist can handle at a time is a function of several elements, including the quality you want to achieve and the complexity of the chat type.

That’s the topic of Tip 3 today, as we continue to lead you through our Best Practices blog series this week,  5 Tips for Designing a Winning Chat Program.

Yesterday, Tip 2 focused on giving yourself the opportunity to meter volumes.

Tip 3. Determine the Number of Chats per Brand Specialist

  • Design your chat program around interaction types, such as sales questions and customer service.
  • The right formula considers concurrency, complexity and quality.
  • Lower chat concurrency drives higher quality.
  • Most programs consider between two and three chats as the optimal blend of cost, quality and service.

See Thursday’s blog for Tip 4.

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