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First Call Resolution

There are many Key Performance Indicators to measure when it comes to Tech Support Call Center Outsourcing. One of the most important factors is known as First Call Resolution, or FCR. First Call Resolution – sometimes called First Contact Resolution – is a call center’s ability to resolve customer inquiries, answer their questions and meet their needs the first time they call, with no follow-up required.  

First Call Resolution not only helps measure customer satisfaction, but also the efficiency of the agents employed at the call center. High FCR rates are common goals for most, if not all, contact centers. A call center’s First Call Resolution rate is simple to calculate: you take the total number of calls fully resolved on the first attempt and divide that number by the total number of first-attempt calls. This straightforward formula will give you the FCR rate.

There are numerous benefits of having a high FCR rate for a Tech Support Call Center. Here are the three biggest benefits to increasing your First Call Resolution rate: 


  • It helps to retain customers.  


With so many options on the market, you do not want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to choose to do business with you. By resolving any issues on the first attempt, you ensure that you are building a relationship with each and every customer.


  • It can change the mind of an unhappy customer.


If you are able to solve a customer’s problem quickly, efficiently and with a friendly tone, you may be able to turn that person into someone that speaks highly of your brand and the service they received. Each interaction provides a potential opportunity to create a new fan.


  • It maximizes the efficiency of the contact center team.


The more calls that are resolved on the first contact results in fewer calls throughout the day, shorter wait times for customers and a much more productive customer service team.

For Tech Support Call Center Outsourcing, it is key to partner with a call center that focuses on continuous improvement. First Call Resolution rate can quickly be improved with the right experience and the best team in place.

In order to improve FCR rates, you must evaluate the current FCR, develop specific goals and then put a plan into place. It’s key to identify and resolve the most common reasons for repeat contacts, such as an insufficient knowledgebase. 

After your plan is in place, it is crucial to be attentive, measure performance consistently and track your metrics.  Here are four steps to follow when working to improve a call center’s First Call Resolution rate.


  • Set realistic expectations


This is the first, and most important step in the process. You do not want to set yourself up for failure. Make sure your goals require a good amount of effort, yet are attainable. Evaluate each aspect of the items that contribute to your FCR rate.


  • Properly train all customer service specialists


In order to improve the customer service experience, all employees must be properly and thoroughly trained to address customer needs and focus on resolutions.


  • Track your performance


This needs to be done consistently. If you are tracking your performance on a regular basis, you can see a clear picture of what is working well and what is not, and quickly make any necessary adjustments.


  • Measure outcomes on multiple channels


It is not enough to focus only on inbound phone calls. All channels of communication need to be measured in order to make sure you are getting an overall view of the First Call Resolution rate and how it may vary across channels.

When it comes to Tech Support Call Center Outsourcing, it is essential to partner with a call center that keeps customer experience as its top priority. That is exactly what Global Response does— First Call Resolution is a KPI that Global Response continuously tracks and evaluates. 

The goal at Global Response is to ensure that all customers have the most positive customer service experience possible. Every aspect that contributes to improved FCR, from speech analytics, training, customer feedback, and reports, are constantly being assessed to see where we can improve. A low FCR rate is often an indicator of poor customer service, and that is why Global Response works so hard to deliver a positive customer service experience and to create loyal customers for your brand.

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