Five steps to evolving a partnership for business intelligence – Part 2

Brand Care Representatives at a call center like Global Response are on the front line with prospects and customers, and the feedback they gather on website usability, products, brand, promotions and more is priceless.

Five steps to evolving a partnership for business intelligenceYour account manager can consolidate that information, find the insights in it, and convey them to you. You can then use those insights to improve your e-commerce site, eliminate confusion around discounts, simplify operations, create a better customer experience, and strengthen your brand.

But turning your call center into a partner that can supply business intelligence takes time, trust, and an ongoing commitment to frequent and in-depth communication. Here are some guidelines for making it happen.

  • Share information. If you send out an email with a new promotion or place a new banner on your site advertising discounts on select products, your call center needs to know ahead of time so agents can be prepared to answer questions and guide customers through transactions. Once the promo goes live, the call center can help track and analyze customer response and give you the business intelligence you need to fine-tune it for even better results.
  • Plan together. Take the commitment to share information a step further and involve your call center account manager in meetings on marketing and customer service initiatives that will affect agents’ interactions with customers. Input from your account manager can help you optimize staffing, utilization, budget, training and more. Feedback from the account manager, who has insight into how an initiative will affect agent performance and be received by customers, can head off issues and ensure you don’t frustrate customers.
  • Encourage initiative. Make it clear to call center management that you want to know about issues, trends, and developments you may not be aware of. There’s no harm if your account manager calls and informs you about a website issue you’re already working on; but if you don’t know about it, and it’s causing problems, you’ll be glad you made it clear you wanted your call center to be proactive about communicating and even taking action to solve problems.
  • Communicate often. Lots of business intelligence has an expiration date—if you don’t hear quickly about a website issue, rapidly emerging trend, or fulfillment problem, it may be too late to use the intelligence. Regular weekly conference calls are a good foundation, but your account manager needs to be able to contact you anytime with news and updates if you want to stay a step ahead.
  • Think company-wide. The business intelligence from your call center can be valuable for many of your internal departments, including marketing, finance, operations, product development, customer service and more. Be sure the intelligence gets passed on to the group most directly affected so they can act on it quickly.

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