Global Response exhibits at ICMI Expo

Four inspiring featured keynotes, awards celebration on Expo agenda

The description of keynote speakers for the ICMI Contact Center Expo in Fort Lauderdale alone is enough to inspire prospective conference-goers to both individual and organizational excellence. But Global Response, based in Margate, Fla., has even more reason to be excited about the May 13-16 conference.

The Global Response team had the honor of being named a finalist in the Best Outsourcing Provider category of the ICMI awards program, and will be celebrated at the Expo along with other awards finalists. It is also an exhibitor at the Expo – come visit at Booth 521 –  which is open Monday, May 13 from 5:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.; Tuesday, May 14 ;from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and Wednesday, May 15 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. And the conference is actually in Global Response’s stomping grounds this year, at the Diplomat Beach Resort in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) is the leading provider of resources for customer management professionals who wish to improve customer experiences and increase efficiencies at the contact center. ICMI is organized by UBM, a leading B2B information services group and event organizer.

The four featured keynote speakers at the Expo are definitely icing on the cake for Global Response. They include an actor, senior executive, authors and a customer experience expert. Keep reading to learn who they are and the gist of their sessions.

Featured keynotes at ICMI Contact Center Expo

Jeff Toister, president of Toister Performance Solutions Inc., is an author and customer experience expert. Toister opens the conference with a keynote presentation titled Hidden Obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service. The author of customer service books will talk about the hidden, unusual or counterintuitive obstacles contact center agents face when trying to serve the customer.

Ginger Hardage, former Southwest Airlines senior vice president of culture and communication, will give the keynote speech Tuesday, May 14 called Unstoppable Cultures: Creating and sustaining organizations of enduring excellence. Hardage will talk about cultures that “put people first, are consistent in nurturing their culture through systems and are relentless in storytelling,” providing ideas throughout on how to build your organization’s culture.

Henry Winkler, actor, director, producer, author and philanthropist, is probably best known as the character Fonz in TV’s Happy Days and just last year won an Emmy for his role in HBO’s Barry. His keynote on Wednesday, May 15, is: Discover your greatness – overcoming life’s obstacles. He tells his own story, of struggling through his school years with dyslexia – a condition that went undiagnosed until later in his life.

Ben Nemtin, author and Star of MTV’s Buried Life, closes the conference with a keynote on The Future of Corporate Culture: Why your employee’s dreams matter. Nemtin’s program talks to employers about getting employees to devote themselves fully to the company by helping them achieve their dreams. “Encouraging employee dream realization creates a healthy work-life balance, which is the key factor to determining employee happiness.”

In addition to the four featured keynotes, Brad Cleveland and Fancy Mills are also listed as keynote speakers. Cleveland is senior advisor and founding partner of ICMI. Mills is ICMI group training and content director.

Hope to meet you at the conference

You can see just a few of the reasons the team at Global Response, The Brand Call Centers, is so excited about the ICMI Expo. Another just-as-important reason – the team looks forward to meeting you there.

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