Global Response Visits Ohio State University

Earlier this month the CEO of Global Response, Wendy Leuchter, braved the cold and snow to meet with students from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Through a partnership with the Industry Immersion program, Global Response provided a real-world business project to the Business Analytics Immersion that will be completed over the course of the semester. Two teams of students are involved with Global Response for the next ten weeks. One of the results of the project is a presentation proposing a business strategy complete with market and competitive analysis.

Professor Ralph Greco commented, “The Industry Immersion – Business Analytics program has been in place since 2013. Having companies like Global Response provide their time and business knowledge to the students is outstanding. The experience the students receive while working with Global Response will directly impact their ability to get a great job at graduation. Having Global Response involved with the students is extremely beneficial to both the program and the students.”

Throughout the 90-minute session the students asked several questions about key performance indicators (KPIs), client retention and existing brands that perform best within the Global Response model. Wendy shared stories, offered insight and spoke about her business roadmap. Wendy added that although many important factors in a good business relationship are based on execution and performance, there is no substitute for great chemistry and a little luck.

“We want to work with people that want to do business with us. We like brand managers that are engaged and open to taking some risks. Chemistry is important,” Wendy stated.

The conversation included how economic factors can impact operational practices. “Lower unemployment creates higher competition for talent. As a business that is dependent on flexible staffing, we constantly evaluate the impact this has on hiring and training expenses. We adjust accordingly.”

As the session concluded, the students thanked their corporate sponsor and documented next steps. Wendy expressed that she “can’t wait to see what these bright students present in a few months.” Final presentations will take place in April 2019.

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