Tip 2: Invest in Content For Contact Center Training

Training is the foundation of meaningful customer engagement, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

Tip 2 of this week’s series discusses taking the time to prepare and invest in your program for the best results. 

Monday, Tip 1 focused on designing objectives and outcomes.

Tip 2. Invest in Content Development for a better contact center

Create a content strategy to include training manuals, knowledge bases and service bulletins, whether physical or digital.

Content is critical to creating a proven repeatable process that generates consistent trainings as well as to provide information Brand Specialists can access in an instant from the knowledgebase.

  • Preparing modules is a special skill.
  • Invest in professionals to create training manuals correctly the first time.
  • Provide new hires with access to knowledge base content.

For Tip 3, see Wednesday’s blog.

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