IRCE 2012 Wrap-Up: Customer Service Takeaways from IRCE 2012.

Global Response exhibited at IRCE 2012 – the world’s largest ecommerce event – this past week from June 5-8.  Along the way, we met with industry leaders and strategic partners, who both taught and learned from us.  Below are takeaways from this experience that you can use too:


As the digital space evolves, retailers, their ecommerce efforts, and the methods for supporting them are constantly changing.  As options within the space multiply, diverse solutions are becoming essential to servicing ever-growing consumer needs.  Now more than ever, outsourced customer care can help tie together your luxury ecommerce retail efforts.

Customer Service:

  • Small to medium size businesses must more carefully consider the level of customer service they will need to fully serve their customers, not to mention the staffing, technology, and training that’s required.
  • By outsourcing to a brand care call center, these businesses will be able to increase internal efficiency and productivity by freeing up their own experts to handle the core of their business.
  • Proactive customer care saves ecommerce sales.  Click-to-chat navigations can easily pop-up in the cart to help a customer complete a transaction.

IRCE Attendees Are:

  • Small- to medium-sized businesses in the analytics, marketing, or retail realm with a few larger businesses mixed in.
  • Mid- to senior-level operations and marketing personnel, mixed with ownership from small businesses

Social Media Workshops:

  • Referrals and incentivizing referrals for your products drive the social web.
  • Tracking ROI is difficult and not of high-importance for most retail brands supporting social media.
  • Those brands excelling at social media from an engagement perspective have a dedicated team of social media customer service agents answering questions and engaging around the clock.  Totsy has a 6% engagement rate (as compared to a normal .5%) on Facebook by using a dedicated team of 8 people.


Attending IRCE 2012 in Chicago was a great opportunity to learn. The diversification of the online retail market and the necessity of call center customer care in supporting all the touch points of your digital brand is evident when exhibiting or walking the floor.

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