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Job Trends in Customer Support in 2021

At Global Response, we understand the importance of staying on top of industry trends. It is essential not only to our success, but to the success of each of our clients. As the landscape of the business world changes, companies need to recognize the importance of trends in customer support, and adapt their operations accordingly in order to thrive.

Looking at the year ahead, and what is to be expected, we wanted to share the top five job trends in customer service in 2021, and in the years to follow:

  • Mobile support will be top priority for customers

The demand for mobile customer support options, such as online chat, has been steadily increasing over the last several years. Customers are looking for convenience when it comes to customer service, and being able to access help on your mobile device provides that type of beneficial accessibility. This makes having strong mobile support solutions essential for companies. It is also important that companies make sure their website and customer support options are both optimized for mobile, and that any self-service options are easily accessible on all platforms. 

  • Companies will rely more on Chatbots & Automation 

Many companies have been experiencing higher than usual call volumes, due to the increased use of IT services during the past year. This, in turn, has created an increase in response time, as the number of inquiries exceeds what current agents are able to handle. When things like this occur, chatbots and automation are very effective. Chatbots have the ability to answer routine questions, assist with certain issues, and route calls accordingly. This helps to reduce the amount of calls agents need to respond to, and many customers are able to find the solutions they need on their own. 

  • Video Chat will offer a competitive advantage

Companies have begun offering responsive live chat into their websites in recent years. Going one step further and incorporating video chat, and other video options is what will be expected in the future. Video chat can guide a customer to a solution by offering realtime support. With the rise of people turning to videos when looking for information, companies are beginning to replace charts and step-by-step written instructions with “how to” and other instructional videos. Video chat offers an effective way to provide information and engage with customers in an enjoyable way. 

  • Customers will require a more personalized experience

This is one of the major customer service trends this year and one that will guide the overall customer experience. If they do not feel valued or taken care of when interacting with a company, they will go elsewhere. This is why it is crucial for companies to provide a personalized customer service experience that feels more like relationship building than problem solving. As more and more major brands are creating a personalized experience, customers are beginning to expect this from every brand they interact with.

  • Companies will shift to a more proactive approach to customer service

If a customer has a negative customer service experience, it is highly likely that they will no longer interact with that company. Because of this, proactive customer service will become the new standard. Taking a more proactive approach to customer service can help to improve customer retention by resolving potential problems before a customer experiences them. Companies that take the time to focus on creating the best customer experience possible will have a competitive advantage, and ultimately increase brand loyalty.

Global Response is very focused on the trends in customer support, and constantly working to incorporate these trends into client offerings. The customer experience is multi-faceted, and by focusing on what customers are looking for, and evolving our processes, it is possible to stay ahead of the trend, and ahead of the competition. The customer experience is often what defines a brand, and Global Response allows clients to benefit from our expertise and knowledge.

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