NRF Expects 2017 Holiday Sales to Rise

Holiday Sales Win Customers Over

The National Retail Federation forecast today that holiday sales will rise 3.6 to 4 percent in November and December 2017. That would bring sales to a total $678.75 billion to $682 billion.

CEO Matthew Shay explained the forecast in a press release. “We believe that a longer shopping season and strong consumer confidence will deliver retailers a strong holiday season,” he said.

32-Day Season for Holiday Sales

The forecast growth is due in part to the “steady momentum of the economy,” the NRF said. Also, Christmas is 32 days after Thanksgiving, making the 2017 shopping season one day longer than last year.

And because Christmas is on a Monday rather than Sunday, it gives consumers an extra weekend day to shop.

The forecast holiday sales numbers include both online and traditional sales, but exclude auto, gas and restaurants.

They would rise from $655.8 billion in 2016, when retail sales grew 3.6 percent.

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