Four Decades of Experience and Millions of Customer Interactions.

We’ve been caring for our clients and their customers for decades. We share the best practices we’ve learned to help you meet your goals and reinforce your brand image.

Our unique Brand Care culture has developed over time to become the gold standard for the call center industry when it comes to identifying with our client brands. Every policy, procedure and training program is designed to assimilate the values, standards and characteristics of the brands we represent.

The emphasis begins with recruitment, continues through selection and training and extends to the appearance of the call center itself. Supervision and management reinforce the atmosphere.  The Brand Specialists at Global Response work for the client they represent and they are passionate about the brand they consider their own.

Such a culture does not develop overnight. It is the result of an evolutionary process that is as organic as it is rational. Policies and procedures support the Brand Care culture, but the culture itself is the result of the combined experience of all those involved.

We have decades of experience in helping our clients meet their goals and reinforce their brand image.

An innovative and collaborative mindset

Found within that culture is every form of expertise and every kind of experience in collaborating with clients to provide the very best service to their customers. It would be difficult to name an industry or a type of call center service with which we do not have a wealth of in-house expertise.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our technological know-how shows itself in our proprietary software and flexible adaptations to client and customer needs. Our project management expertise has won the admiration of many clients for its cordial and calm implementation and execution of even the most difficult projects, and our innovative mindset enables our clients to depend on us for creative suggestions and real partnership.