Tip 3: Create Opportunity to “Retain Customers” for Customer Retention

Our Best Practices blog on customer retention strategies in the contact center moves to Tip 3, Create the Opportunity to ‘Retain Customers’ which follows. Tuesday’s blog focused on Tip 2: Design Customer Experiences Transformations.

Tip 3: Create the Opportunity to “Retain Customers”

Sometimes when customers turn away from a company or service, the company never knows it. Measure your processes to raise visibility within your organization.

Steps can include:

  • Create an opportunity to learn what the customer’s difficulty is. The best practice in saving customer subscriptions is to prioritize a phone call to discuss their challenge. In doing so, you can learn about the difficulty and strive to make it right.
  • Monitor social media. Understanding community sentiment can create the opportunity to get ahead of issues.
    • Reach out to vocal customers by inviting them to discuss it with you offline.

 how to retain customers

Customers retention programs are crucial to your business

Customer acquisition is expensive.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining current customers, according to Forrester Research. They like your product and service for a reason and understanding customer motivation is essential to preserving revenue.

There are retention techniques to keep as many customers as you can.

And using those techniques is well worth it.

See Thursday’s blog for Tip 4: Offer Appeasements

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