Shop.org 2012 Recap: The Value of Customer Care in Ecommerce

The Global Response team returned this week from the Shop.org Annual Summit 2012 in Denver. This year’s summit was attended by some of the brightest stars in digital retail, including many Global Response clients and partners.

This year, we celebrated “The Classic Brands”. A professional artist created fun, personalized artwork on classic Mead composition books for guests at our exhibit. Down the exhibit hall aisle, attendees were treated to a Luxury Brand Experience at the Global Response Relaxation Station.

The Global Response team at Shop.org Annual Summit 2012 in Denver
Global Response proudly exhibiting once again at the Shop.org Annual Summit.

There were many industry-leading speakers at the conference, including a much-anticipated appearance by Jaime Nordstrom, President of Nordstrom Direct. Customer service was a central theme of his presentation:

“[We have] the same goal every year: improve customer service. Digital retail hasn’t changed that goal at all. Why? Great customer service helps you sell more, no matter where your transactions come from.

Jaime Nordstrom
President of Nordstrom Direct
speaking at Shop.org 2012, Denver

At Global Response, we have a passion for stellar customer care. As discussed in this recent article, many luxury-brand rhttps://www.globalresponse.com/how-to-foster-customer-loyalty-with-service-not-lowest-prices/tailers differentiate their brand by offering superior customer care.

Echoing talking points from the summit, here are three tips for developing superior customer service:

  • The right staff is critical – Great customer service organizations place a premium on empowering staff. The No. 1 rule is “Use good judgement,” allowing staff the freedom to explore the best solutions for customer problems. This is a point that all retailers should consider when building the customer service apparatus.
  • Loyalty is king – Loyalty is not just about discounts, points or coupons. Customers value personalized recommendations… and interactions. A personalized approach builds brand equity and drives loyalty. Social media is also a great place to engage with customers, one-on-one. It is an extension of your customer service.
  • Experiment… and evolve – Some strategies and ideas will work. Others won’t. If you don’t test new things, you’ll never innovate. Don’t panic if something doesn’t work — celebrate it!

As a bonus, check out our photo gallery from the show:

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  1. Jim Boring

    Still a third way for some retailers to gain competitive advantage is to consider offering top quality products that justify premium prices. This is the core of the strategy put forth by author and Harvard professor, Michael Porter. When this strategy is adopted, customer service becomes an integral part of the product offering. Customers paying premium prices for premium products expect premium customer care with all that implies, from friendliness to extreme competence, from courtesy to genuine concern for customer needs.

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