SXSW Recap: Managing The Social Customer Experience

The Global Response team has returned from South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. The interactive show had over 30,000 attendees with appearances from top digital influencers including many of Global Response’s clients and partners.

SXSW 2014: The Austin Convention Center
The Austin Convention Center – where panels, sessions, and the tradeshow floor portions of the show are held.

With the breadth and depth of core talks, panels, and workshops at SXSW we focused our time attending the social media sessions sharing our perspective on the customer experience and learning from industry leaders.

Echoing talking points from the summit, here are three tips for developing superior customer experience:

  • As brands mature, solo ‘social media managers’ need assistance – Social Media Managers are often responsible for the management, content production, and analytics of their brands. This role comes with a broad range of tasks where one person can quickly become ‘strapped’ for time. Bringing in help for these managers improves your brand’s customer experience. This can come in the form of outsourced social media management, integrated software solutions, and assistance from other departments.
  • The value received from social media listening follows an ‘s curve’ – Brands can get serious value from social listening – the process of analyzing online conversations and creating actionable insights – even with just a combination of inexpensive software and a savvy social listener.  However, there is a ceiling to this approach. As you invest in the enterprise listening and management tools you can improve your ability to triangulate insights, generate reports, and automate processes. Determining the right path should be an incremental process of test, learn, repeat. 
The Social Listening S-Curve: Value to Cost of Social Listening
  • Trend: Integration of functional silos coincides with rise of comprehensive social management systems – Currently, there is no silver bullet to satisfy marketers and customer care teams’ social media listening, monitoring, CRM, and analysis needs. However, saas providers’ development towards this goal (see Hootsuite’s purchase of uberVu – a social listening tool) is allowing cross-functional teams to integrate their tasks with shared platforms.

There were many cutting-edge sessions at the conference, including a much-anticipated panel by Dave Evans, VP of Lithium Technologies, regarding Social Customer Experience Management. The central theme of this presentation was:

The next big-shift for brands is the integration of marketing and customer service functions for social customer experience management. By combining social media listening, CRM, and brand care agents for response, brands will understand the needs of their customers and be able to reach out for resolution, enhancing the social customer experience.

At Global Response, we have a passion for stellar customer care in the social space. As discussed in this recent article, many luxury-brands differentiate their brand by offering superior customer care in social.

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