The Evolution of Workforce Management in the Contact Center

Optimizing the productivity of the contact center workforce is a task that every manager must fulfill on a daily basis, and something that simply cannot be done alone. In fact, contact centers have been developing strategies to streamline and strengthen workforce management processes for years now, using a number of distinct frameworks to ensure forward progress.

Now, new forms of technology have emerged that revamp call center workforce management in powerful ways, building on proven methods of the past and simplifying task structures for those in leadership positions. Here’s a closer look at just how far today’s workforce management solutions have come, and the business benefits that result.

“Workforce management in the contact center has been drastically revamped.”

Data diversity and volume

At the heart of every workforce management effort lies a wealth of ever-changing, always-growing data. This information is drawn from every corner of the contact center and spans the entire spectrum of metrics utilized by managers in their optimization strategies. However, early models of workforce management software were limited in their ability to collect the amount – and diverse types – of data necessary to make quick and effective decisions to improve contact center operations. These efforts can benefit from the following advantages:

  • A wider range of data field types that promote a more robust set of metrics
  • A greater overall volume of data that can be collected in a single system, promoting more informed choices
  • Reports that draw directly from these data points and reflect patterns based on the contact center’s priorities

With more data at their fingertips and a greater variety of information types to inform their decisions, contact center leaders are now better equipped than ever to manage their workforce, all thanks to these revamped software solutions. As business leaders search the market for call center services, their checklist should include the fact that their partner takes a data-driven approach to workforce optimization, and are using the latest tech tools to support their efforts. Of course, the contact center should be fully transparent in its methodologies and the content of the reports generated by these techniques.

call center staff management
Staff members are call center’s most valuable assets, and must be managed with the most precise methods possible

User simplicity and access

It’s not just the functionality of modern workforce management platforms that set them apart from the solutions of yesterday. The user experience and intuitive nature of these technologies are a major point of value for modernized software, and this heightened level of usability has a range of benefits for the call center operation. As DestinationCRM pointed out, the best solutions balance a rich feature set with user-friendly controls, creating a powerful yet simple experience for managers and other contact center stakeholders. Here are some examples of stellar user experience:

  • More expansive sets of features in a given software suite, even for basic workforce management solutions
  • Simplified integration with third-party tools, including HR management suites and other staffing or scheduling modules
  • Easier to scale along with a growing contact center operation, reducing delays and lost productivity

Contact center leaders shouldn’t have to make compromises when selecting a workforce management tool, and today’s options allow them to get a full-featured suite that also offers a simple and intuitive user experience. In an era that emphasizes the use of business intelligence to optimize and improve operations in every area of the organization, call center leaders – and the companies that outsource these services – need to ensure that workforce management processes are up to speed with the times. The value of these methods are simply too powerful to overlook.

workforce management in the call center
The evolution of workforce management in the contact center

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