Tips For Building a Brand

When growing a business, the overall brand experience is one of the most important things to consider. You must analyze how it feels to interact with your brand from your customer’s point of view, and do whatever you can to make sure their experience is a positive one. At Global Response, we understand that the key is striking the balance between convenience and personalization.

While some business owners may be hesitant to turn over control of their customer service needs to a call center, it is actually quite an effective way to help grow your business. There are three areas that Global Response focuses on which greatly aid in our client’s growth – offering online chat support, social media monitoring, and first call resolution. The combination of these three services helps to create a positive customer experience, and in turn, increasing both brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Chat Support

Global Response has extensive processes and technology in place to make the most of online chat support for our clients.  Not only are customer issues resolved quicker than ever before, but with online chat support, our clients often experience increased sales, greater ROI and AOV, higher conversion rates, less shopping cart abandonment, and overall increased brand loyalty. 

We provide a conversational platform and create a personalized experience with every inquiry. Our online chat support is mobile-friendly, which is crucial, and we have the ability to address multiple inquiries at once, helping to minimize our client’s expenses. By integrating live chat into your customer service, companies have a huge advantage over the competition in terms of customer care.

Social Media Monitoring

Most companies utilize social media for publishing content, making it a one-way channel of communication. By focusing on social media monitoring and engaging with customers online, companies have the ability to make it more of a conversation, adding a more personal touch to the customer experience.

Social media monitoring gives companies the opportunity to share positive experiences from customers by monitoring platforms for brand mentions and tags, which can then be shared. Additionally, social media monitoring can aid in searching out any negative feedback, so that companies have the chance to reach out to customers directly and solve any issue they may have. Making customers feel seen, and well taken care of, is a key element in building a brand.

First Call Resolution

First call resolution is a call center’s ability to resolve customer inquiries the first time they call, with no follow-up required.  This is a common goal for most, if not all, contact centers. Solving customer inquiries the first time not only helps to retain customers, but it can also change the mind of an unhappy customer. 

By addressing the issue of a customer with a negative experience quickly and effectively, it is possible to turn that person into someone that speaks highly of your brand and the service they received. Due to this fact, first call resolution is a helpful benchmark when it comes to happy customers.

Building a brand is not something that is achieved overnight. In offering online chat support and social media monitoring, and focusing on first call resolution, companies can magnify their impact. All of these help to improve your brand reputation, and increase overall brand loyalty, both of which are essential when building a brand. This is something that Global Response understands and works hard at every day to ensure a successful partnership.

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