Top 5 Contact Center Agent Skills for an Exceptional Brand Experience

Creating a memorable, compelling brand experience demands strong coordination across the call center is an integral part of establishing the brand. Managers need to ensure that consistency and quality are promoted throughout the extended support environment. Outsourced call center services shouldn’t just serve as a way to conveniently expand a program – they should be a reflection of a brand’s values and culture. Of course, these characteristics must be developed in the personnel that comprise the contact center workforce.

To maintain the exceptional standard of service and support that a brand has worked so hard to build, representatives must have a set of skills conducive to recreating a stellar experience for callers. Contact center leaders should examine this list of agent attributes and aim to train their reps in a way that builds authentic, engaging brand identity.

“Train reps in a way that builds authentic, engaging brand identity.”

1. Extensive knowledge

To fully convey a brand’s unique qualities and capabilities, representatives must internalize the many details that encompass the company’s culture and product offerings. Recreating the brand experience in an outsourced call center environment requires that agents understand the key facts and figures that matter most when interacting with consumers. According to Harris Interactive, customers say that only half of contact center representatives are able to answer their questions consistently, so knowledge is power when it comes to solidifying brand strength.

2. Agile, adaptable attitude

Just as a business’ objectives and priorities change over time, the brand experience will evolve and take on new attributes with its development. Training classes must be held on a frequent basis if call center managers want their customer service functions to mirror the changes within their companies. Representatives who can quickly and completely internalize these adjustments are much better equipped to deliver relevant information and accurate answers to consumers, as well as uphold a strong brand voice in a multitude of support scenarios.

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70 percent of brand experiences are determined by how customers feel they are being treated

3. Stellar time management

The world’s greatest brands value their customers’ time as a precious commodity, optimizing their contact center operations to reduce call waiting queues and promote high rates of first call resolution. Talk Desk explained that representatives’ time management and organization skills play a major role in this area of customer care, as multi-tasking is a common aspect of a fast-paced call center environment. Efficiently operating CRM systems, tapping into database resources and handling administrative tasks are all key to delivering a strong brand impact.

4. Longevity and loyalty

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to promoting service quality and consistency, and the longer employees stick around, the more deeply and thoroughly they can represent a brand. When selecting a contact center outsourcing partner, a company should inquire about the average tenure of its agents, as this statistic will reflect the level of commitment and dedication necessary to develop exceptional brand care in the long term. Loyalty from call center agents is also a major boost for brand culture.

5. Strong customer empathy

Customers expect their concerns, complaints and inquiries to be addressed with care when interacting with their preferred brands, and agents must be able to relate to these concepts on a personal level if they want to represent their company in the best possible light. According to a blog from Datel Software Solutions, empathy is a commonly overlooked characteristic that every contact center should cultivate in an effort to master the art of brand care. McKinsey pointed out that 70 percent of brand experiences are determined by how customers feel they are being treated, so managers can’t forget this vital variable.

top 5 skills for a contact center agent
Top 5 contact center agent skills for an exceptional brand experience

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