Use your call center to refine your mobile app development

One of the valuable services a call center can provide is to be an “ear to the ground” for its clients. With representatives talking to scores of customers every day, a call center hears early and often both the good and the bad in customer responses to products, promotions, support and more. One emerging area where that front-line position can be especially helpful to clients is in noting and passing on feedback about a client’s mobile app.

Contributing to the Ongoing Development Process

Mobile apps provide a different shopping experience from a company’s website. Whether it’s a better experience or not depends on the quality of the app, including its design, stability, and how easy the app makes it for shoppers to find and buy the products they want. Support for customers using the app is also an aspect of the overall experience. A call center that knows the app well and can replicate the customer experience when solving problems will do a better job of providing support and delivering a positive experience.

Beyond supporting customers, a call center like Global Response that provides clients with constant and structured feedback on the customer experience can help a company with the ongoing process of refining and upgrading its mobile app. Even when you’re creating your app, your call center can help you get feedback before you make it generally available so you can fix bugs and shortcomings before you publish it. Customers tell call center representatives like ours what they like and don’t like, when it crashes, when a shipping number doesn’t show up, when a source code box won’t accept a six-digit number and so on. We pass that information on to you so you can fix problems early in the development process.

This feedback loop with your call center can help you avoid bad reviews on social media sites, get your app off the right foot, notify you rapidly when there’s an issue, and improve your customers’ mobile shopping experience.

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