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What does it mean to be a Brand Contact Center?

So much goes into developing a branding strategy for any company. In the past, branding could be thought of as your logo design, the colors you use or the look of your website. Today, we know that branding is so much more than that. It is built into every single touch point customers have with your company. This means that the customer service experience is a large part of that, and needs to be in line with your brand values and culture.

It is important to develop a branded customer experience strategy in order to build customer loyalty. Because of this, all associates and brand partners need to stay consistent and adhere to the brand strategy that is set forth. In doing this, it constantly reinforces a company’s overall brand strategy and strengthens it with each interaction. A contact center must be an extension of your business, and it is vital for it to be in line with your branding strategy. A contact center should be on-brand the client it represents which is exactly what Global Response does. At Global Response, our associates are not simply customer service representatives, they are Brand Specialists, essentially working for your brand through Global Response. This is the attitude and culture that sets us apart as a brand contact center. 

Here are 5 ways that Global Response excels, not just as an outsourced inbound call center, but as a brand contact center.


  • We follow an intensive implementation process to start off the business relationship.


Part of the onboarding process is that we immerse ourselves in your company culture. This goes far beyond learning and training. We spend time onsite with you, in some cases up to two weeks, to learn how your company runs and set the foundation for our partnership. In doing this, we can ensure that your business and brand strategy is central in everything we do.


  • Global Response employs extensive brand training.


All of our associates complete an extensive training process where they learn everything they need to know about your brand and how your company runs. We conduct soft skills and brand-specific training, and have the ability to teach and train brand nuances and language to our employees. Any time there are updates to your company policies and procedures, additional training may be held. This ensures that each brand representative will have the most current brand knowledge and the ability to offer a well-rounded customer service experience. 


  • Our employees are more than just agents.


At Global Response, we really focus on what it means to be a brand contact center. To us, that means having dedicated teams working with our companies. Our employees are not considered to be agents, but rather, Brand Specialists. All Brand Specialists are hand-selected to work on specific accounts that best fit the company. In contrast to agents, Brand Specialists are fully immersed in the brand culture. We conduct a thorough screening to identify  the right Brand Specialists to fit the client brand.


  • Global Response  leverages technology to build optimal customer experiences.


With each brand, we work to develop a fully integrated, seamless customer experience. Our experience integrating your customer relationship management software (CRM), case management and other systems provides Brand Specialists with an overall view of your company. Real-time reporting and analytics paint a clear picture of your operations and offer business insights. We work with our brands to measure customer satisfaction and align with third-party rating services to ensure expectations are being met. 


  • We have created a branded contact center environment.


Our branded contact center site includes product display areas that immerse our Brand Specialists in the customer experience. This helps them truly understand and dedicate themselves to your brand. We find that a carefully crafted brand display helps Brand Specialists to physically see your brand strategy to create a deeper connection with your brand and your customers.

At Global Response, we are completely aligned with your brand. We understand the importance of a positive customer experience, and consistently deliver that optimized, branded experience. Our training programs develop passionate ambassadors for your brand. In combining our knowledge of customer service and best practices with your brand strategy and goals, we become a true branded contact center partner. Our focus on customer care and brand strategy results in an experience that creates brand loyalty and drives sales and leads to increase customer value. Let Global Response show you the difference that a brand-centric contact center can make on your customer experience.

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