Why luxury brands invest in premium-level service

Premium brands invest in premium service

A luxury brand needs its call center to deliver a premium level of customer service.

Why? Because the interaction your prospects and customers have over the phone (or via email, chat, or even social media) with your call center representative affects their opinion of your brand and their willingness to buy your products, become a loyal customer, and recommend you to others. But what are the elements of a premium level of call center service?

Delivering better customer care

As a foundation, you need dedicated agents on your account. While both shared and dedicated agents have their benefits, a dedicated team gives you an advantage in delivering premium service. By working full-time for your brand, they get to know your culture, products, policies and customers to a degree beyond what’s possible for shared agents. The dedicated model also enables you to invest more in training, or even have the agents spend time in your brick-and-mortar store, so that they can work with your products first hand and speak from personal experience.

That deeper level of product knowledge enables agents to engage in consultative selling, where they spend the time necessary to determine a specific caller’s needs and match them with the right product. This is a level of service beyond order-taking and requires longer, more in-depth interactions. As a client, you need to understand that these calls may take longer and cost more. But the payoff is a far better-informed, more-satisfied customer who understands what sets your product apart from the rest and are willing to pay for that extra level of quality.

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