Busting the 3 Biggest Outsourcing Myths About Ecommerce Customer Service

As production and operations costs flatten, the most effective differentiator in ecommerce retail has quickly become customer service. The demand for a consistent, seamless and branded omni-channel experience is officially the cost of entry. Today’s customers have more options at their fingertips than ever before and today’s brands are just one unresolved phone call, chat, tweet or Facebook post away from being completely exposed with the risk of losing loyalty. Keeping up with the needs of the aware customer is extremely demanding and requires dedication from both financial and human resources, so why are so many ecommerce companies reluctant to partner with an outsourced contact center?

Outsourcing your ecommerce Customer Service team is the most efficient and productive way to leverage tactical and strategic best practices from industry experts while still owning your customer experience.

Chances are, preliminary research has led you to come across a number of myths that surround outsourcing ecommerce customer service. Addressing and deconstructing those myths is just one of Global Response’s strengths. With over 45 years of experience and call centers located in Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin, Global Response has partnered with renowned ecommerce Brands to deliver the experience they envision for their customers.

Below, we expose the truths about the 3 biggest outsourcing myths surrounding outsourcing  ecommerce customer service.

Myth #1: “An outsourced call center will never deliver the same brand experience as my staff!”

Truth: The best outsourced contact center partner immerses themselves in your culture, not the other way around.

Many ecommerce contact center partners will attempt to fit your experience into their model by claiming efficiency, economy of scale, and best practice. The best outsourced contact center partners will listen to you and learn who you are before ever telling you what to do. An ecommerce call center outsourcing partner that comprehends your Brand and immerses themselves in your culture will deliver great quality Customer Service.

Global Response understands that a successful relationship is built on trust and creating an environment that combines your brand with our passion. Each step of the implementation process promotes collaboration over dictation:

1.   Strategy Development: Subject Matter Experts and stakeholders meet to create a roadmap to success.

2.   Process Recording: Site visits plus reviews of historical data and documents drive the future state processes and KPIs.

3.   Technology Review: Build your experience by maintaining legacy systems or learn about our 100+ integrated partners.

4.   Talent and Training: After needs and brand culture are understood, collaborate on talent profiles and training materials that graduate certified Brand Specialists, not just call center agents.

5.   Reporting and Analytics: Standard and customized dashboards will provide insight into your business to maximize performance.

6.   Launch and Stabilization: We maintain a consistent team beyond go-live to ensure successful implementation and continued improvement of the partnership.

7.   Quality Assurance: We inspect what we expect utilizing internal and external audits to continue the learning process.

Myth #2: “Outsourcing Customer Service is too expensive”

Truth: The best outsourced ecommerce customer service partner will identify operational efficiencies and provide best practices for maximizing your spend.

Setting up and maintaining an in-house call center is a huge investment of your company’s time and resources. The day-to-day of operating a call center is its own full-time job requiring an entire organizational structure. These costs compile quickly without the proper attention to detail and oversight. Outsourcing ecommerce customer service alleviates the stress and costs associated with:

·     Staffing

·     Training

·     Payroll

·     Technology Maintenance

·     Data Security

·     Quality Assurance

The Global Response team will help you highlight strengths in your process by leveraging 45 years of experience building best practices that are cost-effective and efficient. Moreover, Global Response will accelerate the innovation process by proactively informing you of the newest technological and philosophical developments in the industry.

Myth #3: “I know how to handle customer service issues in-house and protect my brand identity.”

There is no doubt that customer service experts exist outside of the outsourcing providers. The issue is that they typically spend the majority of their effort working on operational and human resource tasks, rather than what they should be doing – managing and enhancing the relationship with your customer. Working alongside an outsourced ecommerce contact center will allow you to focus on your business growth without seeing yourself pulling resources from the priority tasks to resolve your customers’ needs. While your company grows and your customers’ needs grow and change, an experienced outsourced call center partner will help you absorb your “growing pains” and position you for success.

Global Response is an expert in scalability. The ecommerce business forecast is full of peaks and seasonality due to holidays, flash sales, and viral marketing campaigns. Global Response’s ability to ebb and flow has given our brands peace of mind because it is the responsibility of the contact center outsourcing partner to flex with their business.

Ecommerce customer service outsourcing can also help you be more in control, knowing that all your customers’ contact data can be captured and analyzed systematically and as a priority. Expert management and IT staff at Global Response offer true insight so you can see both the big picture at a glance, and get the specifics you need to understand trends and patterns in all interactions. Outsourcing contact centers allows your customer experience leaders to maximize productivity by providing a team of operational experts to handle the daily responsibilities, while they are free to develop experiences that will excite your customers and drive repeat business.

The Final Truth

Feeling great about outsourcing your company’s customer service starts with finding an ecommerce contact center partner that understands your business and is able to create solutions that are tailored to your needs, so you can actually save money while offering your customers the best experience. At Global Response, personalization and flexibility are the principles that guide our partnerships, so that outsourcing ecommerce customer service is a lasting and successful endeavor. To learn more, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 800-537-8000.

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