What Industries Can Benefit From Call Center Outsourcing?

What Industries Can Benefit From Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing helps companies in many industries scale up their customer support capabilities fast, efficiently and cost-effectively so that they never miss a step and always stay competitive when it comes to taking care of customers, meeting revenue goals and growing as a company. These industries, in particular, benefit from contact center outsourcing. Let’s take a look!

1. Retail and eCommerce Call Center

An eCommerce call center has to be ready for anything. Through it all, you need enthusiastic people who really know your brand to guide customers, increase sales and deliver excellent customer experience. This happens with an omnichannel contact center that can effectively manage all of these communications and customers through social media, text, phone, email and more without missing a beat. Any call center you work with must be secure and compliant, above all, keeping customer data safe.

Luxury brands, eCommerce and other retail companies around the globe are partnering with outsourcing call centers that specialize in their industries as well as maintain the PCI and SOC 2 compliance and training to deliver this level of customer support. And luxury brands and discount retailers alike are reaping the rewards of working with a retail and luxury brand specialized call center services company that understands the intricacies of maximizing customer value.

2. Healthcare Call Center / Pharmaceutical Call Center

Patients today expect personalized care, compassion, and support. Availability is important for both HIPAA-compliance and patient care.

On top of that, you have privacy to consider. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are turning to HIPAA compliant outsource call center partners to increase availability, improve patient care and stay compliant all at the same time.

3. Banking and Finance Outsourced Call Centers

In the world of banking and finance, the smallest error can have real financial and personal consequences. Accuracy, availability, accountability and on-point, real-time support are vital. When a problem arises, resolving may take significant investigation and time from a Brand Specialist.

Long wait times and the need for multiple contacts to get something resolved are often par for the course. But many leaders in the industry are now partnering with PCI- and SOC 2-compliant contact center outsourcing services that specialize in banking and finance to deliver better, more timely customer care to their members, clients, and customers.

4. Education Call Center Outsourcing

Educational institutions must focus on real-time support for students and their families. Today’s students need omnichannel contact center choices and may use multiple contact methods in a short period for a single query.

Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations need technology and processes in place to manage communications coming in from multiple pathways. They need their contact center to uphold the highest standards when it comes to FERPA compliance.

Seasonal events like enrollment can put a strain on an institution’s in-house capabilities. And it’s challenging to scale up and down to meet demand in-house.

Major educational institutions trust FERPA compliant call center partners to help them manage student communication. The right partner has state-of-the-art technology to manage high-volume, omnichannel communications and the well-trained, skilled and enthusiastic Brand Specialists who guide students and families through intricate industry processes and policies.

5. Hospitality and Travel Call Center Support

In the hospitality and travel industry, you understand the importance of exceeding customer expectations in each and every contact.

This not only means being there to help them plan the perfect trip; you’re providing support throughout the customer journey. You’re addressing challenges and ensuring they have everything they need for a first-class experience.

Those in hospitality and travel won’t and shouldn’t work with just any contact center partner. They need Brand Specialists who know the industry, brand, events, sites, amenities, travel arrangements and more for the locations they serve. Hospitality and travel companies are turning to hospitality outsource contact centers that specialize in this personalized level of customer care.

Industry-Specialized Contact Center Outsourcing

When outsourcing your call center services, it’s important that you work with a partner that understands the specific challenges and nuances of your industry as well as the importance of becoming a seamless extension of your brand. They need to have the technology, talent, security, and systems in place to ensure a consistent, compliant and delightful customer experience to every customer.

Global Response specializes in the above industries and more:

  • Automotive
  • B2B
  • Beauty & Cosmetic
  • Media & Technology
  • Utilities & Energy

We have state-of-the-art technology, compliance certifications, systems, and people in place to deliver consistent, personalized, brand-specific experiences to your customers across communication platforms including chat, phone, email, and social media. Our integrations team works to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems so that we become a fully-immersed extension of your brand.

To find out more about how we deliver these experiences as an outsourced contact center partner, let’s talk about your brand and your goals.

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