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5 Tips to Build the Right Business Culture in the Contact Center

Good organizations are built around good people.

Beyond the dollars and cents of recruiting and training, appreciating the knowledge level and tenure of associates is an important part of culture. It creates engaged associates and benefits the brand, the associates and the contact center.

Follow these 5 tips to increase your associates’ engagement and build your unique culture.

  1. Select the right candidates

  • Look to the recruiting process to set expectations. Set up recruiting processes to clearly communicate the role of the position that is being filled and set expectations for candidates during the interview.
  • Take the time to select the right candidate for the right position, using experienced program leaders immersed in the culture to both interview and select. When a candidate fits with their position and program, it’s likelier they’ll want to stay and that their performance will lead to greater customer engagement.
  1. Invest in training to deliver performance

  • Prepare a comprehensive professional training. Provide high-degree training from a professional staff to prepare associates to become knowledgeable Brand Specialists.
  • Give associates the training and tools required to be successful. Immerse associates in training for knowledge in product, processes and culture to create an informed, confident Brand Specialist who engages customers.
  • Celebrate and recognize the associate’s achievement of graduation.
  1. Communication is key to retaining talent

  • Measure performance and coach for the higher performance Brand Specialists want to deliver. Coaching reinforces what they want to deliver. They want to make a difference.
  • Create an atmosphere with an open-door policy that invites Brand Specialists to seek advice on performance improvement and other concerns they may have.
  • Give specialists the information they need daily to bring the strongest performance possible to customer interactions – whether the information is to communicate promotions or whether it’s performance coaching.
  1. Broadcast Opportunities

  • Invest in and work with Brand Specialists to develop their skills to build a bench of experience and prepare them for growth within the company.
  • Hire from within.
  • Conduct management development classes to identify and train selected Brand Specialists for future management roles. It enhances Brand Specialist’s self-value in the contact center as well as assists your organization to prepare management candidates that can be available when needed.
  1. Reinforce Recognition

  • Celebrations bring recognition to associates and build team spirit. Celebrations can include for:
    • Birthdays and work anniversaries.
    • Performance and achievements, such as surpassing goals or successfully completing a project.
  • Include Kudos Programs to provide feedback to business owners for exceptional performance. Inform high-level executives about standout Brand Specialists to provide welcomed recognition for excellent performance.
  • Take the time to recognize milestones for tenure. Selecting milestones for special recognition can reward Brand Specialists for achieving tenure and creates goals they can strive for. For instance, show appreciation for associates at 5-, 10- and 20-year work anniversaries with tangible rewards.
  • Recognize the achievement of associates who graduate training as Brand Specialists. It is a notable accomplishment.

The benefit of retaining good Brand Specialists by creating engaged associates goes beyond recruitment savings.

When engaged customers connect with engaged associates, companies experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes, according to Gallup.

The practice of supporting Brand Specialist growth; celebrating their development in becoming competent, capable and confident; and providing opportunities to groom them for future positions with more responsibility requires investment.

All of these components in the underlying culture create the benefit of tenure, provide appreciation for a job well done and contribute to building the right business culture in the contact center.

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