Is Your Outsourced Call Center Properly Representing Your Brand?

How Can a Call Center Agent Represent Your Brand?

There are many outsourced call center options around the world. But most call centers don’t go above and beyond to train their staff to truly immerse themselves in their client’s brands. In order for a person to properly represent your brand, they need three basic elements.

The Skills

Your outsourced representatives need the skills and experience to perform their duties. That requires extensive education and training, not only on how to read a script but how to skillfully help the brand they represent retain customers and meet business goals.

They need to know how to:

  • De-escalate tense situations
  • Build trust with customers
  • Provide first contact resolutions
  • Leverage customer data to personalize the customer experience
  • Comply with Industry compliance requirements like HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and SOC 2
  • Maximize the technology and tools available

And the most skilled contact center also trains representatives on advanced skills that generate revenues and cut costs like how to:

  • Increase customer order sizes
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Prevent returns

The Brand Voice

It’s important for your call center partner to represent your brand’s personality. A Brand Specialist should be immersed in the brand they represent. They’ve used the products they’re talking about. Maybe they’ve even spent some time on-site at your retail locations, warehouse or office headquarters.

When a representative actually knows about the brand, the product lines, and the process, customers can feel it. Brand Specialists can connect with the customer on a meaningful level. And ultimately, that’s where the magic happens, building trust and loyalty.

The Passion to Delight Customers

Passion for the brand and people generate happy customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Customer experience is more important to customers than either the product or the price they pay. A growing number of businesses identify customer service as the only “battleground” on which they compete to acquire and maintain customers. In other words, if you can’t distinguish yourself based on exceptional service, you may have little grounds on which to compete.

What Does a Brand Specialist Do?

Global Response’s Brand Specialists develop the skills, experiential brand knowledge and passion to build meaningful trust and loyalty with your customers. It’s our commitment and our culture.

We invest in their training so they have industry-leading skills. And we are committed to maintaining a culture in which people look forward to coming into work.

Happy employees generate happy customers. A Tempkin Group study analyzed 1000’s of businesses and found that the companies that were rated highest by customers for customer experience have 150% happier, engaged employees.

Brand Specialists immerse themselves in your brand in every way possible and we don’t just make these bold claims. We back them up with industry-leading best practices that ensure that we’re living up to our own high standards with each and every brand we represent. In addition, our extensive case studies demonstrate that our methods deliver measurable results for our partners.

Is Your Call Center Partner Really Representing Your Brand

It’s time to take a closer look at your current contact center partner. Are they delivering on their promises? Do they build trust and loyalty? Are they helping you grow and exceed business goals? If not, it’s time to take a look at a better outsourcing option. Let’s discuss your business needs!

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